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better relationships can change your life

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Welcome to Portland Relationship InstituteHome PageHome PageBetter Relationships can change your life.

. . . most of us agree that it's the most important thing in life. 

When you ask yourself, "How is my love life?" try a little experiment.  Broaden the definition beyond your romantic relationship or the desire for one:
  • What about the condition of in your love life with family, kids, friends?  Do you experience harmony, humor, affection, trust and respect?  Or does hurt and conflict keep you from the closeness you want?
  • Now think about the people outside that close circle. How about neighbors, coworkers,  the person who cuts your hair?  Maybe it's a little harder to think of those people in terms of love. 
But ask yourself: do your interactions with them feel nourishing or draining?  And how do they feel?  Next, think about the circle farther out from there:
  • The check-out person at the grocery store.  The guy who pumps your gas.  Certainly you can't love someone you barely know.  Or can you?  And what does that kind of love look like? 
Okay, now we're really going to stretch a little:  How about the guy who flips you off in traffic?

And, maybe most important, how is your love life with yourself?  Do you care for yourself, treat yourself with kindness, call yourself on the carpet when you need to without beating yourself up?

At Portland Relationship Institute, we think of love as conscious intention put into action through good relationship skills.

We like to say that love is an action verb.

Many things can get in love's way:
  • Ineffective relationship skills
  • Stress
  • Painful experiences from the past
  • Limited communication skills
These roadblocks to love make it difficult to create love  . . . and it is very common.

Sometimes wounds from the past make it feel too scary to love.  Maybe you have attitudes or beliefs that keep love at bay.  Or your love life can be derailed simply by choosing relationships with people who seem familiar rather than people who will truly make you happy.

Most people wait too long to get help. Give us a call 503-342-2510 or email us. gethelp@portlandrelationship.com

It’s time  to learn the nuts and bolts of filling your life with the love you want and need.

Better relationships
can change your life.
Counseling for Individuals, Couples & Families Portland OR 503-342-2510

Do your relationship have serious problems?

If you consistently experience these  warning signs, your relationship may need professional help: 

Criticism - instead of merely complaining, the person attacks and blames their partner's personality and/or character, such as "you are a selfish uncaring person"

Contempt - feedback with the intent to insult and/or psychologically abuse the partner, such as "you are more than stupid: a total idiot "

Defensiveness - not being willing to listen to anything your partner has to say to you, out of fear of them hurting or attacking you.

Stonewalling - ignoring, avoiding and distancing from your partner.

References: Gottman, J. M. (1993). A theory of marital dissolution and stability. Journal of Family Psychology, 7, 57-75; Gottman, J. (1999). The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. Crown Books.

If you notice these weeds in your relationship garden, get help now.

Contact us  503-342-2510

Even if your partner does not want to come with you we can show you how to make a difference.

Why wait.

Are you tired of arguing with your partner?

  • Do you feel frustrated, angry, or unappreciated?
  • Does divorce or a break up feel like the only way out?
  • Do you want to make your relationship work, but aren't sure how?
You're not alone

Most people know more about driving a car than how to create a fulfilling relationship.  

Daily stress from work and/or children can take a toll on your relationship.  Passion, excitement, and romance can fade and over time.  You may feel discouraged with  fighting, bickering, isolation, and feelings of frustration, hopelessness, confusion and despair.

It doesn't have to continue this way.  You can stop the fighting and get the respect and appreciation back. 

Being more open to others, while having healthy boundaries, is something few people master.  Even fewer people navigate conflict effectively, never dreaming that healthy, skillful conflict can open the doors to deeper love and connection.

Most of us never learned these skills growing up.   

The good news is that these skills can be learned and put to use in your relationships, bringing you greater satisfaction and happiness.

Better relationships can change your life.

Enjoy browsing our website, then call us at 503-342-2510 to set up an appointment.

You'll find
articles to inspire you, educate you and reassure you.

Your health insurance may cover your counseling.  Call us to check your benefits.  503-342-2510.

Call us if you want to improve any of the following relationships:  

Couples, Parenting, Kids & Teens, Siblings, Friendships, Family of Origin, Blended family, Singles, Partnered Individual, Work Relations, Military Families, Relationship with Self, GLBT Relationships.


Together, we can help you find the harmony, trust, respect and joy that healthy relationships can bring.

Better relationships can change your life.

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