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There are some things we have no control over. . . Anxiety is not one of them.


If you’re anxious, you ARE holding onto your breath.  But if you have pet you have a great breath teacher.  Watch them breath.  Notice how deeply your pet t belly, nearly down to the base of their legs.  Just watch and feel you own body relax and start to match the slow gentle inhale and exhale.  Now match your pets breathing. 


Take a 5 minute walk.  Moving your body changes your brain.

Mental Vacation

Make a list of resources:  activities that leave you feeling safe, happy or relaxed?  Place where you feel grounded, favorite memories, people who make your body smile or relax.  And then go there in your mind.  Feel the sensations of your feet in that warm white sand.  Hear the sounds of children laughing.  Remember the feeling of having a good laugh.   Imagine the smell of gardenia.  Remember a powerful moment of success.  Feel these things in your body as if they were happening now.  Your mind will not know the difference.  Feel how your body relaxes.

Micro Smile

Let your lips form a tiny smile.  It’s so small that someone looking at you may not even notice you are smiling.  Feel the wave of relaxation that starts to melt the tension in your face.  Feel that relaxation start to flow down into your neck, your chest. You may even feel it flow all the way down to your belly.  Some people call this the Buddha smile.


Notice What Is

Feel deeply into your present experience.  Listen to the sounds in the room.  Notice the temperature of the air as in flows and how different it is on the out breath.  Notice where your body is tight and notice where in your body you feel comfort.  Notice what you are thinking, instead of thinking.  Observe without trying to fix or change anything.  Just observe.  Give yourself a break.  Remember this too shall pass.


Do something kind for yourself.  Ask yourself if my child or my good friend was feeling like this, what would I do?

Read our article on outsmarting anxiety

And if you need a little more help, call us.  We will show you how to outsmart anxiety.


Group therapy can help you outsmart anxiety.  You won't feel so alone.

  • Has anxiety gotten the best of you, making you preoccupied and worried much of the time?
  • Do you feel stressed and irritable, but have noticed you’re settling for a tolerable life
  • Is your mind focused on what might go wrong, and the scene plays over and over inside your head?

Anxiety takes up a lot of space in your mind.  It makes you rehearse events or conversations robbing you of your self-confidence and peace of mind.  It’s hard to stay focused and simply trust yourself.

Anxiety gets you stuck, like a car stuck in a mud hole, wheels spinning faster and faster going nowhere.   You worry away your precious time and energy with nothing to show for it.

Luckily for you, we can help you outsmart anxiety.  We use the latest research based methods to help you get results quickly. We have tools and strategies that work to bring you relief from mental anxiety without medication.  With our practical tools, we can help you reduce your reliance on medications if you want to taper off eventually.

Anxiety, depression and panic are all very responsive to the treatment approaches we use.  We offer you practical tools that work.  We know because we use them ourselves.

Call us  503-342-2510    gethelp@PortlandRelationshipInstitute.com

Anxiety Treatment

You can learn to manage depression and anxiety by learning how to use your thoughts and emotions more productively instead of worrying.  We help you take control of your time and your sensation of urgency.  You will learn a simple strategy to put challenging emotions like guilt and anxiety to work for you.  Right now you are working for them.  They are just trying to help you, but they steal your time and energy and cut you off from the people and things you care about.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that you over-analyze many things.  You’re caught up in worry and stop living and enjoying your life.  We can show you how to stop anxiety and worry from calling the shots and destroying your self-confidence.

With help you can learn to complete things you set out to do, stop wasting your time and energy spinning your wheels and stop suffering needlessly.

Outsmarting Anxiety

Stress, anxiety and depression don't have to run your life. Scientists have discovered that when a painful experience is contained and experienced start to finish, the nervous system discharges the memory, like erasing an Etch a Sketch.  Anxiety and depression treatment require your motivation and persistence, and with patience, practice and willingness, your symptoms can improve or recede so you're able to resume ordinary life.

Anxiety and depression help can't be guaranteed, but you're very likely to get significant relief and continue to use the skills you gain, so you make steady improvement even after ending therapy.

About one out of every five people experience anxiety sometime in their lives.  You are not alone. We’ve studied anxiety in great detail and can share many practical tools to help you outsmart anxiety and help you take charge of your life again.

Call us  503-342-2510    gethelp@PortlandRelationshipInstitute.com

Stop Anxiety Attacks

Overcoming anxiety is entirely possible, even in severe cases. Anxiety disorder and panic treatment work by showing you how to listen and trust your body sensations.  Most people fear the sensation of anxiety and then will go to great lengths to “shoot the messenger.”  We show you how to listen the messenger so it can simply deliver its important message and then leave you in peace.

If you have trouble with the common anxiety patterns, you may be relieved to know that this is not a life sentence.  You do not have to settle for a life of tension, isolation and fear if you experience:

  •  Fear of loved ones being harmed
  • Driving
  • Meeting new people
  • Bad news
  • Or even a general sense that something bad is going to happen.

With practice, gradually taking on situations you find upsetting, anxiety and panic treatment give you tools and strategies so that you're able to handle the routine parts of life,


Coping with anxiety gets easier over time. You will learn and practice skills with your therapist.  You may have already read books on the subject but when you practice, get feedback, support and expert coaching, you will make more progress. This allows you to retain what you’ve learned and build a new foundation of confidence that you can handle challenging situation.  You may be surprised to find that you can use the skills in any situation not just the  triggers for your anxiety.

Learning to manage anxiety need not be complicated.  Anxiety disorder treatment involves a systematic method of training you to experience the body sensations of anxiety, combined with tailor-made solutions for your particular challenges. To cure anxiety attacks, we work with you to identify the specific circumstances that make you vulnerable to upsetting feelings, thoughts and sensations of anxiety, panic or stress.

Panic attack treatment may include asking you to track your thoughts, emotions and triggers.  We will offer you natural remedies for anxiety such as breathing practices and mindfulness.  Gradually you will find your anxious mind relaxes and begins to trust again.  We will also give you “911” tools when panic strikes so you can cope and return to your strong foundation of calm.

Some people find medication helpful.  However that requires continued reliance on taking the medication. Natural cures for anxiety and holistic treatment will equip you with lasting tools that you have with you at any time, at your command.

Cure Social Anxiety

Social anxiety therapy works well for people who feel awkward or uncomfortable, around strangers, groups and even in one to one contacts with people you care about.

For social anxiety treatment we will show you how to enter a new group at a party or event, visualizing successful outcomes to unfamiliar situations, or practicing for job interviews to help avoid getting tongue-tied, so you are presenting yourself with credibility and confidence.

We have had a lot of success with social anxiety disorder treatment.  Without feeling so tense, you’ll be able to enjoy people, explore new opportunities and develop your life both professionally and socially.

Group therapy will give you a safe place to practice until you are comfortable trying it on your own.

 Call us  503-342-2510    gethelp@PortlandRelationshipInstitute.com

Anxiety caused by Insomnia

Doctors have found that insomnia for even brief periods of time, disorders your brain and decreases your concentration, efficiency and mood.  Interrupted sleep due to worry, and a racing mind can even decrease your self-confidence.  And it effects your physical health.  Getting help with insomnia related to anxiety may extend your life by years!

We will help you identify the causes of your poor sleep pattern and show you how to improve your “ sleep hygiene” by devising restful bedtime routines, calming your body and mind at the end of the day, and giving your busy mind a way to let go of worries, fretting and preoccupations.

Our research-based information on the body's needs during rest time will give you the deep sleep and restorative nights you need in order to make the most of your days.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Anxiety visits us after we’ve experienced fearful or traumatic events.  And it has many different symptoms.  Understanding how the two branches of the nervous system operate will show you how deeply anxiety is embedded in your nervous system.  Your symptoms will be a combination of either alarm or shut down.

Alarm:  When we are initially stressed, we experience the fight or flight part of our sympathetic nervous system.  When it turns on we feel:

  •  Hot, tense, tight jaw, twitches, itchy, sweaty, rapid heartbeat, shallow breath
  •  Heightened sense of alertness, like something bad is going to happen
  •  Emotions such as excitement, fear, anxiety, annoyance or anger   

Shut down:  When the stress overwhelms us, we feel stuck.  Like an animal in the teeth of the lion, struggling but about to die, the parasympathetic nervous system turns on and we notice the symptoms of shut down: 

  • Cold, sleepy, slower heart rate, nausea, heavy limbs as if gravity increased
  • Tunnel vision, difficulty seeing
  • Feeling depressed, blank, numb, detached or dissociated, unable to motivate to do anything

So armed with this knowledge you can take your foot off the brakes and learn to release these patterns in your body. Then the mind will follow.   Our bodies store the problem.  And they also hold the solution. We can use our minds to access the solution rather than playing an endless loop in the projector of our minds.

Anxiety disorder is not a life sentence.  Relief from this type of suffering lifts a considerable burden.  You can feel better. We'd like to discuss your concerns and see how we might help you.

If you can’t remember the last time you got a good night’s sleep, or if fretting and worry are getting best of you, please call us right away. 503-342-2510  gethelp@portlandrelationshipinstitute.com


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