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There are some things we have no control over. . . Anxiety is not one of them.
Our therapists have many years of experience helping clients get results. Yes we are good listeners, caring & compassionate


We give you the tools you need to feel better and get better.  And if we can't do it we will find the right resources to help you get results.

Call us.  We can help

Sometimes challenging emotions can get the best of you.  They can start running the show and make
choices for you.  They can choose isolation rather than connecting, playing it safe instead of living fully, quick fixes instead of real solutions, procrastination over action. You may even  fear that things will never get better and tell yourself to  "just settle for less."

Ask yourself, what will it cost me  . . .
  • If I continue to feel stressed and irritable
  • If I continue to struggle in my relationships?
  • If I continue to procrastinate?
  • If I continue to let depression, anxiety or grief get the best of me?
Also, what will it cost my children and loved ones if I don't do something about this predicament?

If you're paying a price . . .  you're not alone.    Many people experience these challenges at some point during their lives.   We've been helping clients renew their confidence and create peaceful and productive lives for over 25 years.

Call us at  503-342-2510 or gethelp@PortlandRelationshipInstitute.com

The safe and nurturing therapeutic environment we provide can help you make sense of your  circumstances.  Together, we can help you make peace with "what is."  And you can begin
to take charge of your life and your emotions,  igniting your passion for life again.

Most people wait too long to get help, hoping things will get better.   You may be suffering needlessly.  If you've had a loss, either in the past or in the present, I can help you create a little breathing room from these challenges, so you can reassemble the pieces of your life and plan what to do next. 

We specialize in alternative and holistic methods as well as traditional therapy, helping you make a solid
mind-body alliance that will reconnect you to the Life you want.  

Choosing a therapist is a very important decision.  We offer a 15 minute phone consultation to make it easy for you to take that first step, and start making positive changes in your life.

People call us when they want to feel happier with themselves, or make their relationships better. You want to enjoy your family, friends, or work but you aren't getting great results, and don't know what you can do differently.   We can help.

You may want to talk us about:

  • How to get through a life transition such as new parenthood, divorce, job changes or loss
  • How to make sense of difficult experiences from your past or present
  • How to deal with relationship problems and how to fix mis-communication
  • The fact that though you "look great on paper" you're not really enjoying your life

Most of our clients have been trying to make changes on their own, but find their approach just isn't working to their satisfaction. Talking with a counselor can give you a fresh and sometimes an unexpected point of view, something you don’t want to talk about with friends and family.

Call us at  503-342-2510 or gethelp@PortlandRelationshipInstitute.com

Better relationships can change your life.  Why not start now to have a better relationship with yourself.  We can show you how.  Call us.

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