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better relationships can change your life

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Better Relationships can change your life.

Relationship Problems? 

Don't wait until it's too late.  

According to Dr. John Gottman and other scientists, if you are experiencing some or all of the problems below, you have increased probability of breakup or divorce:

1.  Feeling distant
Avoidance of each other, stonewalling
Increase in anger, hostility or sarcasm
4.  Lack of affection
5.  Increase in arguing or negativity
6.  Trust Issues like cheating, affairs, hiding cell phone, texting, internet use, suspicious absences

If you notice these problems, take some action soon to improve your situation.  Call 503-342-2510 or email us at gethelp@portlandrelationshipinstitute.com.    Why wait?

If you are like most couples, you simply never learned relationship skills. 

  • You never learned to communicate effectively. 
  • You may fear commitment
  • You don't know how to successfully work through conflict
  • You didn't observe others being emotionally intimate, so you don't know now. 
  • Your anger gets the best of you at times. 

These are all normal problems, but without help, many couples retreat or break up.  You don't need to give up.

You may be surprised to discover that these problems can be solved.  Though they seem like deal breakers, they are not:

                  • Ongoing hurt and resentments
                  • Long standing disagreements
                  • Verbal abuse
                  • Betrayal of trust
                  • Affairs
                  • Cheating or other infidelity-related issues
                  • Anger
                  • Distance or lack of closeness in your relationship.

The good news? Relationship skills can be taught to motivated couples.


We've worked with 100's of couples in the last 25 years and we've seen that you get the most effective and longest-lasting results by:

  • Attending  10 sessions of couples counseling
  • Doing daily homework
  • Consciously practicing the tools you learn with your counselor
Call to chat with one of our counselors.  The phone consultation is free and could be the start of a better relationship.  Contacts us 503-342-2510 or gethelp@portlandrelationshipinstitute.com

Services available in Tigard and conveniently located just of I-5 and 217 near Lake Oswego.

We have helped hundreds of couples ( either dating, engaged, or married) solve their relationship problems and create healthy, fulfilling, loving relationships for over 20 years.  We are GLBT friendly.

Call 503-342-2510, send an email to gethelp@portlandrelationshipinstitute.com

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Couples' Therapy

How long will couples therapy take? 

At the Portland Relationship Institute, specific goals are set at the beginning of therapy, and couples are expected to do homework to establish healthy relationship patterns and practices in their daily lives. Because of this, therapy or counseling is usually time-limited and ends when your relationship goals have been met. Of course there are some more complex situations which require a series of goals and resolutions that take place sequentially over time. All of this can be discussed and clarified during the initial evaluation session with the therapist. Because we have specialized in relationship issues for over twenty years, we have almost certainly dealt with any relationship or couples' issues you may have.

How do you choose an effective Couples' Therapist 

 The unfortunate fact is that many psychotherapists perform Couples' Therapy who have not been trained to do so. We have found through experience and research that the most effective couples' therapy combines skill-building with feedback and insight on communication patterns and processes, along with regular homework assignments. Couples' sessions where the therapists merely referee arguments tends to not produce any long-lasting changes in relationship patterns. So when you're choosing a couples' therapist, be sure to ask them how active and directive they are in their sessions. Finally, you should also ask your therapist how many couples' or marriage counseling sessions they do every week. If it's less than 5-10, they are doing couples' therapy as a minor sidelight, not as a main thrust of their practice and they may not be as experienced in working with this modality.

Do you take health insurance? 

Yes we can take many different insurance plans. To see if your insurance will cover our services, please call our office at 503-342-2510 or email us at gethelp@relationshipinstitute.com with your insurance details and we will check your benefits so you know the cost in advance.

We have helped hundreds of couples solve their problems and create healthy, fulfilling, loving relationships.

Call 503-342-2510, send an email to gethelp@relationshipinstitute.com

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